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Oswin Hyde is a distinguished brand specialising in crafting premium men's footwear and accessories. With a rich heritage in shoemaking, we blend timeless elegance with affordability, delivering exceptional quality and style. Our purpose is to make classic sophistication accessible, ensuring our customers embody confidence in every step they take.

From our experience, we found men’s shoes generally lacked in quality and comfort whilst being overpriced. We decided to change this by ensuring all elements of the brand are meticulously planned to support our vision of a durable, well made and well-designed product. 

We have handpicked our Italian suppliers to manufacture all the key components that make a pair of Oswin Hyde shoes. This guarantees quality at the highest level. We then ship these to our factories which we work with directly to avoid huge markups from sourcing agents.

Our insoles consist of extra padding, enhancing comfort and reducing stress on the feet. An additional cellular cushion is added along the collar to further enhance comfort. Our soles are made from a flexible all-weather resin material to ensure durability without sacrificing comfort.

Each pair of shoes come with individual shoe bags, a shoe horn, shoe polish, extra pair of laces and a care card ensuring your Oswin’s continue to look great day after day. Oswin Hyde boxes and packaging are made from 100% recycled materials and can be recycled again.

Our aim is to offer a fresh outlook on footwear for the discerning fashion conscious gent.